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27 May

Professional services

ahmadk May 27, 2015 0 4630

Starting a new business is challenging, especially with the rapidly evolving technology of today. The initial stage of any IoT project is very crucial and there are a lot of challenges to be overcome before the developed IoT solution can become technically feasible and commercially viable. Below are some of our services to startups, entrepreneurs and SMEs to support their IoT initiatives:

  • Conceptualization phase: to better understand and realize the full market potential of your IoT initiative;
  • Proof-of-Concept phase: to bring your IoT initiative into the real-life for small-scale and rapid testing purposes;
  • Piloting phase: to deploy your IoT initiative into the real-world for identifying potential limitations and enhancements;
  • Full Scale Launch phase: to officially launch your IoT products and services;
  • Support and Training phase: to support your IoT product through its entire lifecycle.