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27 May

IoT Connectivity

ahmadk May 27, 2015 0 5586

Labeeb IoT is a Cloud or On-Premise Internet of Things (IoT) Services Enablement Platform. It provides an attractive environment (i.e. platform-as-a-service, open APIs, development tools, and documentation) for entrepreneurs, third party developers and companies to accelerate the development and deployment of new IoT services, and to help them achieve faster time-to-market. Labeeb IoT can collect data from any object (or device), translate them into actionable insights, and enable a wide range of new services in a number of vertical markets, such as healthcare, transportation, industry, environment and more.

The underlying Labeeb IoT architecture is built with cutting-edge technologies and deployed  in data centers hosting the latest solutions from the OEM market leaders:

  • Intel® Xeon® and Intel Core™ i7
  • Dell EMC™ VNX®
  • HP® DL™ series
  • Cisco UCS®

The platform is providing unique features:

  • Zero barriers of entry to users, where any thing (or device) can be connected to Labeeb IoT through various IoT protocols standards (e.g. MQTT, HTTP, CoAP), or by using our IoT devices SDKs, or IoT gateways for interconnecting proprietary things like Intel® IoT Gateway and others ;
  • Scalable, bidirectionnal and secure communications between things, services (or applications), people and the Labeeb IoT platform, from anywhere  and anytime;
  • Efficient tracking, detection and management of malfunctioning devices through Labeeb IoT patented technology;
  • Powerful no-SQL data persistence, time-series analysis and filtering, and events processing to enable users to translate their collected data into actionable insights;
  • User friendly development environment, SDKs and tools for rapid prototyping, deployment and evaluation of new IoT concepts and ideas;
  • Open application programming interfaces (APIs) and web-services (REST, SOAP) that fully expose Labeeb IoT features and functionalities to external systems and applications.